Brief: To create five new menus for the Harbour Arts Centre Bar & Bistro (HAC Bar) in Irvine; these include an A5 drinks menu (16 page) booklet, an A4 breakfast menu, an A3 lunch menu, an A3 evening menu and an A4 dessert menu. Use a consistent style with all five menus which are easy to read, appeal for all ages and fit with the bar’s modern look. No illustrations or photographs, the corporate light blue is to be used and three icons for vegetarian, gluten-free and 2 course special dishes are to be created for all food menus. My final solutions are underneath for you to have a look at, as well as links to the HAC Bar & Bistro website and social pages!


A4 breakfast menu (back cover)

A4 breakfast menu (front cover)





A4 dessert menu (front cover)

A4 dessert menu (back cover)



You’re probably drooling for the great selections on their menus; imagine what I was like looking through the content regularly! Below is a testimony from the HAC Bar managers and details of their location, contact details and social media pages. Thanks for taking the time to look at my work; feel free to comment you thoughts below.


“Our business was looking for a more modern approach for our advertising & menus. Andrew gave us exactly what we were looking for, we gave a brief description of what we were looking for & left the design process in Andrews capable hands.

We were delighted with the designs Andrew gave us, they were modern, clean & very high class in terms of design. We will definitely be working with Andrew in the future.”



114 – 116 Harbour Street

Irvine, KA12 8PZ

01294 311833

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