The typographic medium permeates all aspects of our daily lives. Once you become fully aware of this it is impossible not to see letters everywhere! Whether by deliberately manipulating everyday objects or capturing passing moments in nature you are invited to explore this idea. I was tasked to create something imaginative and unique in celebration the world of letters.

View letters

My idea was to tinker with the perspective on how we see typography. ‘Perspective’ was too long a word, so I cut out different scaled letters of the word “view” in Helvetica and went to Irvine beach to photograph them. I stuck the letters at different distances from the camera, so that when you look through the camera it would form a perfectly scaled word.

view letter layout

view letters zoomed out

With the help of friends, we eventually managed to arrange the letters so they’d form the word, but I feel photography doesn’t really give the full impact of my idea. If I were to use this idea again, it would be filmed: start off with the letters distorted and out of place and then the camera could pan and the letters would come together and form the word; I imagine it’d be great for a film production logo at the start of a film. But anyway here are the final photographs!


Thank you!

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