GDFS letters

This project was for the Graphic Design Festival Scotland (GDFS) on Friday, 24th October 2014 with STV Creative. For the brief we were divided into three groups; I collaborated with Corrie Hyslop, Emma Bartle & Victoria Donnelly. We were allocated two letters from ‘GDFS’ and were tasked to use different forms of motion graphics/animation to transition from one letter to the next within 5-15 seconds. Our group were to make the transition between D & F and we had approximately 6 hours to plan, film/photograph, edit and finalise the film.

For this film we decided we wanted the letters to appear unexpectedly, so decided to reveal letters by filming black paint. Firstly for the ‘D’ we decided to make it invisible at first with the white background and when the black paint drips down behind it, the white ‘D’ gradually appears and takes form. The camera then pans down, following and going beyond the paint drops to where a white 3D ‘F’ is sitting before the ink splatters on top fully forming the ‘F’. And to finish off the 3D ‘F’ is taken away to reveal a ‘F’ in negative space.

Due to the short time constraint, we weren’t able to expand fully on our ideas. We thought instead of using just black & white, we could have used different colours dripping and splatting together and would have had a nice look, but the black & white does show great contrast and make it quite effective. We were all pleased with the final result and thought it could be quite interesting used for a production logo before a film. Our film (11 seconds long) is below as well as the final film combining all 3 groups films.