Welcome to KH13’s 2017 Kingdom Hearts Re:CAP! A video summarising all the Kingdom Hearts highlights of 2017! We hope you enjoy this film as much as we’ve enjoyed making it! Please share and let us know what you think. #KH13ReCAP

Written & created by
Andrew Hankinson

Co-written by
Charriii5 & Toominator

Narrated by

New theme music created by
Project Destati

Animations by
Andrew Hankinson

Footage sourced by:

  • faemarch
  • leamax
  • WakelessDream
  • Everglow

Trailer reactions by:

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  • Ndukauba
  • Mat4yo
  • Aquaberry

Music provided by:

  • Project Destati
  • Blue.Nocturne
  • Hollow Riku
  • ViolinGamer
  • Narutee
  • JulianSwegL0rd
  • The Team Players
  • Brandon Skelton
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  • Brent Shredz

KH13's 2017 Kingdom Hearts Re:CAP

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