With the fast approach of the Kingdom Hearts Concert -World Tour-, many fans around the world will be attending the various concerts everywhere. So KH13 decided to start selling merchandise and asked myself to come up with design which would promote KH13 but still appealing to wear/have on products.

For the main design I took inspiration from the famous motifs and shapes through the franchise like the lettering of the logos, the heart shape within logos, Sora’s crown, checkered pattern with Roxas, and keyholes. I also tried to include one or two references to the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III from what we know already; like the 7 guardians of light, the 13 seekers of darkness, and the all seeing eye.

I took a different approach and my design style was inspired by vintage signage or hipster barbershop window drawings. Originally this design was going to be just one colour (a white option is available to people to buy), but the final version of this design is black, white and KH13’s corporate blue. I came up with the name ‘Organization KH13‘. Sidenote: I know how to spell organisation; it’s purely because it is ‘organization’ in the games.

As well as this design, I also reworked designs for Redbubble from original logo designs I have created for KH13 in the last half a year. I decided a numbering system would good with these logos to be part of this collection; inspiration mainly from the cataloguing in Pokemon and I used a 3 digit form for these. It also coincidentally works as there are 3 logo colour variations with each of KH13 logos, as there are evolutions for each Pokemon. This is purely a cataloguing system and won’t relate to Pokemon otherwise.

Below are prior sketches, the final designs and products photos as well as links.



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KH13 tshirt design version 2




Let’s start at the very beginning! KH13’s original blue and white crown. Obviously inspired by Sora from the Kingdom Hearts franchise.


There will always be a light. In celebration of the new year, we used this logo for the first fortnight on 2017! Can’t have a new year without fireworks and as they light up the sky, so do fragments of Aqua, Terra and Ventus’ light within this design.


Music has always been a vital part of Kingdom Hearts’ success, so with the World Tour concerts commencing in March, we created this design. Taking inspiration from Yoko Shimomura’s work, Tetsuya Nomura’s orchestra drawing and the Fantasia films.


What’s this? The first adaption of KH13’s original blue and white crown logo. This one was used for Halloween and took inspiration from Tim Burton’s unique aesthetic especially from films like The Nightmare Before Christmas. Spooky!


May your hearts be your guiding key. This design was used on KH13 upon Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8’s release in Japan and for the rest of January. Inspired by the opening title sequence of Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage.

“Now in Development” Not for long! Finally we received a release date for Kingdom Hearts III, so we created this design taking inspiration from the game’s newly introduced Attraction Flow!



Do you wanna build a snowman? We, at KH13, were feeling like that in December during the festive season with this Frozen style design! Let’s hope it’s own world and characters will one day feature in Kingdom Hearts.


Thinking of you wherever you are. This time KH13 took a slightly different approach and decided to go away from the crown for Valentines Day. Instead we went for the iconic heart shape used throughout the franchise. Rather fitting.

Today (9th October, 2017) we celebrate KH13.com’s 9th anniversary! Many thanks to you fans & staff for the continuous support! In celebration of it we created a new style for the iconic crown surrounded by many other memorable shapes through the Kingdom Hearts franchise!



  • hardback-journal
  • hoodie
  • long-sleeve
  • mobile-cover-019
  • mobile-cover
  • mug
  • sticker-001-(2)
  • sticker-001
  • sticker-013-(2)
  • sticker-013
  • sticker-019
  • sticker-OrgKH13
  • tshirt-001
  • tshirt-white
  • woman-tshirt
  • tshirt-OrgKH13



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