Brief: Create a name and corporate identity for a new chain of restaurants about to open in three of the biggest cities of the world; London, New York, and Sydney, with future plans to expand to other world cities. The restaurants will be situated on the highest floors of skyscrapers to let tourists look over the majestic cities; very much like the Space Needle in Toronto. As well as a corporate identity you should look into menu design and other linked items such as uniforms, stationary, etc, appealing to Adults and Tourists.

For the logo design I thought of the name, Silver Lining, which relates to the sky, and sounds sophisticated. I wanted it to be professional, unique but not overly complicated so used a hipster typographic style and manipulated the typeface DIN Condensed with an upper arc underneath to link with the curvature of the earth. With the Silver Lining type I added “Restaurant & Café” and the location’s name in Iowan Old Style; I love the italic ampersand and it’s serif text and numbers, so thought it was best with the bold sans-serif DIN Condensed, giving it that rustic aesthetic.

Originally I thought of having the logo in colour or changing the colour for each location, but I felt this would be too much. In reality if it were to expand to multiple locations, each with its own colour, it would be too convoluted and increasingly harder to give each restaurant it’s own colour not used before and doesn’t seem random. The grey colour on it’s own keeps all the locations consistent in the slick hipster style I was going for, which is why it is used for the text on the menu design print; to work nicely with the brown wooden clipboard.

I created a line drawing for each location and applied it to the stationary (an inverted repeated pattern on the back of the letter and compliment slip, and a normal version on the business card). The line drawings relate to each location subtly by using simplified outlines of the most iconic buildings, bridges, statues and features of each location and I think they work well that they could be adapted to other items to identify as the location’s “Silver Lining”.

Be on the look out for updates and additions on this project; will be adding adaptions of the logo on other amenities used the restaurants. But for now my final solutions are underneath. Thank you for taking the time to look at my work; feel free to comment you thoughts below.




  • Silver Lining Menu Photo 1
  • Silver Lining Menu Photo 2
  • Silver Lining Menu Photo 3
  • Silver Lining Menu Photo 4
  • Silver Lining Menu Photo 5
  • Silver Lining Menu Photo 6
  • Silver Lining Menu Photo 7
  • Silver Lining Menu Photo 8
  • Silver Lining Menu Photo 9
  • Silver Lining Menu Photo 10
  • Silver Lining Menu Photo 11
  • Silver Lining Menu Photo 12


Silver Lining Menus


London menu

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