Brief: Redesign all the menus for the Dining Room at WG13. These include breakfast, afternoon, evening, kids & takeaway menus as well as specials (Burns, Valentines). They are to be A4 sized to fit in menu booklet sleeves and must have consistent layouts, typography and style.

I thought it would be a good idea to represent the traditional exterior as well as the modern interior of the WG13 so used a nice capitalised sans serif with wide tracking and paired it with a serif font, all in lowercase and with a beautiful ampersand (&). For the text layout I decided to use left and right alignments along the central vertical line of each menu; with smaller menus like kids and breakfast I reverted back to centring the selections. I kept the menu in black and white as it looked nice against the colourful photographic borders. The photos are my own of the different meals in the dining room. My final solutions are underneath for you to have a look at, as well as links to the WG13 and social pages!

  • WG13 Valentines menu
  • WG13 Burns Supper Menu (back)
  • WG13 Burns Supper Menu

WG13 Breakfast Menu

WG13 Takeaway menu

WG13 Afternoon Menu 1

WG13 Afternoon Menu 2

WG13 Kids Menu

WG13 Early Bird Menu

WG13 Afternoon Menu 1

WG13 Afternoon Menu 2

As well as web design/maintenance and menu design, I also am the photographer at WG13. Below are some examples of the different subjects including the building itself, it’s different floors, special occasions and meals!

  • wg13 photos 1
  • wg13 photos 2
  • wg13 photos 3
  • wg13 photos 4
  • wg13 photos 5
  • wg13 photos 6
  • wg13 photos 7
  • wg13 photos 8


13 West George Street
Kilmarnock, KA1 1DH
01563 594600

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