For my BA project I’m currently finalising the illustrations for each of 10 classical pieces of music for the a BBC “Ten Pieces” booklet. All of the pieces’ illustration will have this same look, and look a little abstract; trying to create images that people can relate to with the music but isn’t a specific image (music is conceptual after all). This one is for Horn Concerto No.4 (3rd movement) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

This piece is quite lively and has a memorable rhythm; the french horn plays the tune and the rest of the orchestra repeats the tune (this is called ‘call and response’). I wanted to use repeating pattern to emphasise the rhythm of the piece and so created the bouncing lines and shapes. As for colours I used yellows and oranges to show the jollity of the piece and also to relate to the french horn itself. What do you think? Does it have jollity to it? Are the colours appropriate? Comment your thoughts below.

Listen to Horn Concerto No.4 (3rd movement) below my picture or watch Horn Concerto No.4 (3rd movement) by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales for ‘Ten Pieces’.

UPDATE: My Ten Pieces project is now complete and can be seen in the projects section.

10 pieces Horn Concerto illustration