Beginning in 2021, Kaleidoscope is an affirming community for people who wish to discuss Christian faith and sexuality, particularly in regards to LGBTQ+ inclusion in the church. There isn’t a particular theology set with this page (we welcome people of all church traditions and all views about gay marriage), but it is a safe and respectful environment for people who support or identify as LGBTQ+ and want to discuss questions and grow in their faith.

Lens of Jesus

Like a kaleidoscope, the Lens of Jesus is equally mesmerising and eye-opening when interpreting scripture and applying in present day life. ‘Homosexuality’ has been a controversial subject in many churches (often taboo to talk about), so for some it can feel contradictory to grow a Christian faith while also supporting or identifying as LGBTQ+. We’re here to tell you God loves you as you are and to help answer big questions for this era of sexual orientations and the modern day church.

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We are a Community

Kaleidoscope is built by you, for you. We want to build a strong, safe and bountiful community in the local area where friendships can be made; people can feel comfortable posting authentic, expressive discussions; they can find out more about themselves, others and Jesus, but most of all, help eradicate loneliness in the LGBTQ+ community. Even if you don’t identify with LGBTQ+, but are still curious, a supporter or an ally, you’re welcome to join too. You are not alone and there are other LGBTQ+ people asking similar questions about God and Christianity. We can’t wait to hear your stories, questions, and input in discussions!

We recognise the value of different perspectives and the benefits they bring to every community, and with Kaleidoscope you will never be alone. Though we are based in the Scotland, we live in solidarity with all LGBTQ+ Christians and supporters around the world – so even if you are not from Scotland, do feel free to join in the conversation regardless.

We presently have a dedicated Kaleidoscope group for Scotland.

Anyone with LGBTQ+ affirming faith can join the Scotland Facebook group, even if you’re from a different country or even different continent! You can find the Facebook group by clicking the button below.

Meet the Team

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dispute between Christians and the LGBTQ+ community?

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