For my BA project I’m currently finalising the illustrations for each of 10 classical pieces of music for the a BBC “Ten Pieces” booklet. All of the pieces’ illustration will have this same look, and look a little abstract; trying to create images that people can relate to with the music but isn’t a specific image (music is conceptual after all). This one is for Mars from ‘The Planets’ by Gustav Holst.

As the musical piece is about the planet Mars and the Roman God associated with it (Mars, the Bringer of War), it has a fiery rage about it with the military like drum rolls, and heavy use of brass and percussion instruments. I used and scattered circles to create a chaotic feel and have a ripple effect with the impact of the drums (like explosions detonating as they hit the ground). With the colour scheme I wanted it to be dark and full of reds and browns to emphasise the anger, fire and aggression of the music. What do you think? Is it ‘dark’ enough? Does it give the fierce impact of this piece? Comment you opinions below.

Listen to Mars from ‘The Planets’ below my picture or watch Mars from ‘The Planets’ by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales for ‘Ten Pieces’.

UPDATE: My Ten Pieces project is now complete and can be seen in the projects section.

10 pieces Mars illustration