For my BA project I’m currently finalising the illustrations for each of 10 classical pieces of music for the a BBC “Ten Pieces” booklet. All of the pieces’ illustration will have this same look, and look a little abstract; trying to create images that people can relate to with the music but isn’t a specific image (music is conceptual after all). This one is for the ‘Storm’ Interlude from ‘Peter Grimes’ by Benjamin Britten.

Britten created four interludes for the opera ‘Peter Grimes which all relate to the sea and it’s different moods – deadly and dangerous; calm and beautiful. This piece is the 4th of these interludes and relates to the motion and mood of the sea specifically during a storm as the wind whirls, the waves crash and rain pours. I wanted this illustration to have the same style of shapes as the Firebird Suite illustration to emphasise the unpredictable movement of the water just like with fire. I also used white as focal point again for the large tumbling waves, and used different shades of blue to obviously relate to water and the sea. What do you think though? Is it as unpredictable as the sea? Does it show the unstable effects of a storm? Comment your thoughts below.

Listen to the ‘Storm’ Interlude from ‘Peter Grimes’ below my picture or watch ‘Storm’ Interlude from ‘Peter Grimes’ by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales for ‘Ten Pieces’.

UPDATE: My Ten Pieces project is now complete and can be seen in the projects section.

10 pieces Storm illustration