For my BA project I’m currently finalising the illustrations for each of 10 classical pieces of music for the a BBC “Ten Pieces” booklet. All of the pieces’ illustration will have this same look, and look a little abstract; trying to create images that people can relate to with the music but isn’t a specific image (music is conceptual after all). This one is for Zadok the Priest by George Frederick Handel.

Handel’s music became extremely popular for his musical works that played in cathedrals and palaces, and this piece is famously known for it’s use at every British Coronation since King George II’s coronation in 1727. Most of my illustrations for this project have a stain glass window style about them, but I wanted to make this illustration very much like a stain glass design, so researched cathedrals like Notre Dame and created this. I wanted to emphasise light (like a heavenly beacon shining upon the King) so used shapes to resemble the sun and the shards of light. For my colour choice I used whites and golds to bring out the light and purity of the piece, and used crimson and purple to show the royalty to it. What do you think? Is fitting for a king? Does make you think of a cathedral or palace? Comment your thoughts below.

Listen to Zadok the Priest underneath my picture or watch Zadok the Priest by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales for ‘Ten Pieces’.

UPDATE: My Ten Pieces project is now complete and can be seen in the projects section.10 pieces Zadok the Priest illustration