I was trying to look up different interesting and informative infographics recently and came across this youtube page. They don’t exactly specialise in infographics, but their videos are very interesting and fun to watch and have certain traits with infographics.

The youtube page and their other sites are called “Kurzgesagt” translating to ‘in a nutshell’ in German. They are “a bunch of Information Designers, Journalists & Musicians that somehow met and decided to make videos about scientific topics. Because [they] love science and think it is beautiful.”

It’s a great way for young people to to take a fascinated interest in science, and for people, like myself, who’d like to learn a bit more about this beautiful universe. I’ve subscribed! I’ve attached one of their videos below: “The History and Future of Everything – Time”, but it’s only one of their many videos. Check out their youtube page via the link below!



“Kurzgesagt” youtube page