With about 2 months to go till I go to London for the Hans Zimmer live concert, I’ve been looking into the places to visit while I’m there to make worthwhile of the trip. While searching for guides, I came across these cool wee folding maps created by Blue Crow Media, each personalised to specific interests in London; for instance the best cocktail bars, craft beer, best places to eat, independent cafes, where to cycle etc.



Blue Crow Media maps 8



Blue Crow Media maps 4


Blue Crow Media, founded in 2010, have been working closely with a team of writers, photographers, designers and developers to create an extensive collection of pocket-sized maps of London’s hidden gems! Most of their folding maps measure at 440mm x 246mm flat (123mm x 88mm folded), and are printed in the UK on quality recycled paper.

On Blue Crow Media‘s website you can purchase most of these maps individually for £3, or you can buy the Complete Set of London Food & Drink Maps for just £15 which includes the latest editions of the London Chocolate Map, Speciality Coffee Map, Craft Beer Map, Where to Eat Map, Wine Map, and Cocktail Bars Map!

I’m tempted to buy them myself for my trip! I’ve tried creating maps in the past for projects and it can be quite tricky to highlight these points and still have the recognisable roads/layout of the city. But Blue Crow Media have done a superb job with their folding maps using limited amount of colours and subtly with their notes!


Blue Crow Media maps 3 Blue Crow Media maps 5
Blue Crow Media maps 7