The World’s Best iPhone Case for Mobile Photography were tired of carrying traditional camera equipment, but didn’t like the experience of taking pictures with mobile phones so set out to make the phone a better camera.

They wanted to create the best lenses in the world for mobile photographers and were successful through help from people on Kickstarter. Moment lenses are now being used by thousands of customers around the world, capturing some of the most epic adventures imaginable. Now they aim to create a phone case which is easier to use and better for taking photographs in the moments when you need it. Normally by the time you reach into your pocket, access your phone, unlock it, adjust the scene, and take a picture, you will have lost valuable time and missed photography opportunities.

They decided to solve this problem by making the first iPhone 6 case that truly brings the best features of a traditional camera back to your phone. Introducing the Moment Case; the fastest way to take better pictures with your phone.







Moment Case bundle – $49 Moment Case bundle – $125 Moment Case bundle – $299



Moment Case bundle – $99 Moment Case bundle – $199







Moment Case description – Elevation

Moment Case description – Plan

Moment Case description – End Elevation