I was wandering through the creative sites and came across these brilliant abstract poster designs created by Raj Khatri. Each poster design uses bold brushstrokes and vigorous colours to represent popular movies. What is amazing though is the attention to detail and textures considering they are all digital paintings done on PhotoShop and the ideas behind the minimalism with them.

One of my favourite posters out of the selection is the Dark Knight poster because the idea utilises the shape of the Joker’s smile with shades of blue and red. He has stated in this project that he will be continuing this idea in the future with more posters, so be sure to look out for them! What I would have liked to have seen was just the picture by themselves first and then try to guess which film is associated with that poster design. But nether the less, they are brilliant!

The films include A Nightmare on Elm Street, Kill Bill, Se7en, The Dark Knight, The Italian Job, The Matrix, The Pianist, The Predator, The Social Network, and The Wolf of Wall Street. You can see these designs on his Behance page by clicking here.



A Nightmare on Elm Street Kill Bill Se7en The Dark Knight The Italian Job The Matrix The Pianist The Predator The Social Network The Wolf of Wall Street