Designer Jesse England has decided to manipulate a a typewriter by removing all the original letters it used previous with the infamous Comic Sans – the typeface everyone loves to hate. The name “Sincerity Machine” comes from a Cat and Girl comic strip by Dorothy Gambrell.



Sincerity Machine 4 Sincerity Machine 2 Sincerity Machine 1 Sincerity Machine 3


He has created this by using a laser engraving machine out of acrylic to form the iconic letters of Comic Sans. He then stuck them to the strikers of a 70’s era, Sears-branded Brother Charger 11 typewriter. And to complete the typewriter, he furnished the typewriter’s keys with new vinyl covers in the Comic Sans typeface and labeled it the Sincerity Machine.

“As part of my ongoing thesis of questioning how we create, consume, store (and fetishize) media, it’s my wish that a classic, functioning typewriter altered to write in the most popularly despised font of modern times will provoke thoughts about such media concerns,” said Jesse England.