This is a very simple, easy and very effective technique to use in design and you only need a pencil with an eraser tip, ink pad and card.  This technique is called ‘Stippling’; a pattern simulating a sense of light and dark by using small dots/specks. 

Here’s a link to Illustration Friday where you can get more information on it.


Stippling with a Pencil Eraser

This reminds me of the Art Attack shows I used to watch as a kid with its main catchphrase, “Try it yourself, ” and this gave me an idea of a new blog;  finding effective techniques to use in concern with design, that you’ll be able to do cheaply and with everyday objects. Maybe not as childish as making a paper-mashe pencil holder that looks like an animal, but techniques like printing, interesting ways to use mediums, adding form to designs. The list could be infinite, we’ll just need to discover them as we go along. So keep a look out for future posts with these techniques, and until next time, “TRY IT YOURSELF!”