I was very pleased today when I got back from a long day at college to find a long awaited package lying on my bed. THE DESIGN DECK by Ben Barrett Forrest.

The Design Deck Pack

The Design Deck is a beautiful designed pack of playing cards that any graphic designer/typographer will want to get. Each of the 52 cards has a useful piece of information about graphic design; typography, design movements, quotes, terminology, design principles and essential info every graphic designer should know. Even if you don’t know, or you want to refresh your knowledge, then wisely chose these cards, printed in rich, full colour on high-quality Bicycle® stock with air-cushion finish.


The Design Deck - Front & Back The Design Deck - Cards 6 fronts The Design Deck - Cards 17 fronts


Back in April, I ‘backed’ the project on Kickstarter and it has become a great success; currently at $27, 215 when the goal was $600! Ben Barrett-Forrest, based in Hamilton, Canada used many graphic design books such as ‘Just my Type’, ‘The Elements of Typographic Style’, and ‘Popular Lies about Graphic Design’  to compile this guide of design knowledge.

I am extremely happy with this deck especially with specific cards! The Helvetica or Arial card (spare) for instance, was useful as I am currently working on a ‘Helvetica vs Comic Sans’ report, and have been confused at times identifying Helvetica. Or the Gestalt card (8 of Spades); had no idea of that term until now. Or even the joker card with “Typefaces to avoid” including Brush Script, Papyrus and Comic Sans, which gave me a laugh.

These cards are available to buy at forrestgoods.com

Also have a look at Ben Barrett-Forrest’s previous creation, “The History of Typography“; and animation about the history of fonts and typography with 291 paper letters and 2454 photographs.