Today was the official Opening & Dedication Service at Fullarton Connexions, and last Sunday I was asked to film a few interviews of people at Fullarton Parish Church/Fullarton Connexions and compile a short film of their thoughts and opinions about the new buildings and the Fullarton family. Below are the questions we asked different people of all ages and stages at Fullarton:


  1. How long have you been part of Fullarton?
  2. What do you think about the family at Fullarton?
  3. What do you think of the new buildings at Fullarton?
  4. What do you do at Fullarton (besides the services)?
  5. If anything could be added/improved, what would it be?

I’ll personally answer these; if you want to skip on ahead to the video it’s below!

  1. I remember my family left the Erskine Church, Kilwinning after Christmas and started at Fullarton Parish Church in January, but trying to remember the exact amount of years ago it was. Thinking it was either 8 or 9; long time here anyway!!
  2. I’ve loved the folk at Fullarton; they’ve supported me through all my time there and I’ve been involved in so many things with them including Frenzy, organising hosting shows, videos sketches, and so much more. They really are a family to me!
  3. I think the new buildings have been superb so far, and the potential is massive now! The sound and projector equipment is great now in the church itself. I’m looking forward to seeing what phase 2 is like; with a multi-purpose sports hall, more youth engagements and better parking. Yes!
  4. I usually help out with sound for services sometimes, join people from the church for badminton weekly, I used to attend the youth club (The Gate) and now and again help out with designs and films like this if I have time.
  5. I don’t think there’s any problem with the building and facilities themselves, but it’s just filling it with people, interest and events, so that it can be fully utilised. Maybe could even start connections with work experience agencies in the cafes, etc, or workshops.

Anyway Stuart Forsyth and myself filmed the interviews last Sunday (17th), but due to technical problems the files didn’t seem to want to download onto my computer. So it wasn’t until the following Saturday (the day before it had to be shown) that we figured out a way around it. Simple, but the downloading, converting and moving to my computer on it’s own took 4 hours! And with a shift at dominos it looked like the only time I’d be able to work on it was late Saturday night/early Sunday morning! But after hours of consistent tea replenishment, iPod on shuffle and pegs holding my eye lids open; I completed it at 5am! Hope it was worth it! Have a look at it below. If you haven’t visited Fullarton Connexions yet or seen their Facebook page, be sure to pop in and/or check it out!


Song: ‘Build your Kingdom here’ by Ren Collective