Well hello there. Fancy seeing you here! Welcome to another one of my film reviews! This is a late father’s day special so hope you enjoy it even with the delay! Once again I feel I must remind you that if you haven’t seen the film don’t read on as spoilers are just as extinct as dinosaurs in this review!

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The cup trembling Jurassic Park…I mean The Lost World…no, JURASSIC WORLD! After Jurassic Park failed the ‘dummy’ tests and was evacuated, Jurassic World has opened with the optimistic views that the dinosaurs have learned from their 22 years of isolation. Will the humans ever learn? Gray (the annoying kid in Iron Man 3) and his older brother Zach (…) are sent to visit their Aunt Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) because their parents are getting divorced and the brothers have social problems with one another and their aunt is neglectful because she is the operations manager of Jurassic World and the kids are fobbed off with a neglectful assistant, yada yada yada – lets get to the dinosaurs! The INDOMINUS REX is a genetically engineered dinosaur that is bigger, stronger and smarter than a T-Rex; so smart that it has succeeded on tricking the humans to escape from its isolated confinement and is on a rampage threating the park visitors and other dinosaurs! So Aunt Claire calls upon Owen (Chris Pratt), the Velociraptor trainer, to help stop this creature, save her nephews and the rest of the park. And you’ve guessed it; the moral is don’t make dinosaurs and if you do make dinosaurs, make dinosaurs to be friends with dinosaurs but your best bet is to not make dinosaurs.

We went to the Glasgow Science Centre IMAX again, but this time it was for father’s day so my brother and I took him, but felt guilty about leaving mum behind so we bought a ticket for her as well. Both of them hadn’t ever seen a feature film at an IMAX cinema before, which is why I thought Jurassic World would be a great film for the first timers; as I said in my previous review (Tomorrowland), seeing the trailer at IMAX got me hyped for Jurassic World. You know my view on the IMAX – probably my favourite cinema at the moment, but I’ll let you know what my parents thought of it. Firstly we seen it in 3D and they thought it was a lot better to watch in 3D than anywhere else like Odeon and I agree. I’m not extremely intrigued by 3D films but IMAX’s 3D specs are more comfortable (even on top of normal glasses) and make the film more visually pleasing; you don’t need to strain to see the 3D effects. My parents thought the seats, sound and screen were great too, but wouldn’t go regularly as it’s quite expensive: close to £13 for adults! I would only see films there that I know I’d definitely enjoy like Age of Ultron, Tomorrowland, Jurassic World and hope to come here for Star Wars and Captain America: Civil War, but I’m not particularly bothered about films at the IMAX like Inside Out, Antman, Deadpool or Batman vs Superman. Hoping with my next review to try out a newly opened cinema; you’ll need to read the next review to find out which one!


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First off just to say I’ve only seen the original Jurassic Park film and none of the following sequels because apparently they were rubbish, which is why I was pessimistic at first with Jurassic World. My one hope for this, even although I knew Michael Giacchino would do a great job with the soundtrack anyway, was to hear the iconic John Williams’ theme music at some point, but wasn’t sure if this ‘remake’ would even acknowledge the original film. Little did I know it is actually set 22 years after Jurassic Park failed (or since the Jurassic Park film) and incorporated a whole bunch of references to the original film including the theme music which I had shivers of joy for right when it started playing. Other dino easter eggs included the mention of John Hammond’s aspirations for the park, a ‘rare’ Jurassic Park pre-merchandised t-shirt, the DNA cartoon character, the Dilophosaurus (the dinosaur which killed the fat guy in the original film), AND the original Jurassic Park visitor centre ruins with its park jeeps. I like how John Hammond’s reference was done because it almost acts as a commemoration to Richard Attenborough himself. He was intending to make a return in Jurassic World when the film was still in development, but unfortunately died at the age of 90, last year.

In the story, [spoiler alert] we find out that the genetically modified dinosaur (Indominus Rex) is actually a combination of tyrannosaurus rex and velociraptor DNA, so for a while it’s the humans fighting against the Indominus Rex and lot of the other dinosaurs including Owen’s ‘loyal’ raptors until Aunt Claire decides to bring out the big guns: the tyrannosaurus rex! Up until this point there hasn’t been any thought towards the T-Rex because the Indominus Rex (and the giant underwater dinosaur, mosasaurus) have been stealing its trembling thunder. So when Aunt Claire runs in her high heels with the T-Rex, you know you’re in bother! And with the help of the raptors and mosasaurus, the Indominus Rex is dragged to the depths of the water and the T-Rex rises triumphant. I loved the scene at the end with the T-Rex looking over the evacuated Jurassic World reclaiming his rule over the dinosaur kingdom – nothing beats T-Rex!


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In the original film we had the fat (in for the money) traitor who scuppers everything and in this film we have an army (in for the money) traitor who scuppers everything, and who both inevitably get it! The army dick’s death was a lot more bloody though; unlike Jurassic Park there was a lot more use of blood squirts in this film. But as much I did feel a shiver of fear with some parts of Jurassic World, the parts where there was no blood at all (or not a realistic amount) it just reminded me of the age rating and took me away from the film to be honest. I wonder if it would have been better as a 15 rating, raising the unpredictability, but obviously wouldn’t have sold as much; it is why I’m excited about Deadpool being a 15 rating (or above) because anything could happen! I did genuinely have shivers of terror (you could only probably get at the IMAX) when the pterodactyls started swooping over the Park’s visitors and when the assistant gets it. She’s thrown about in the air, dropped into the water, a pterodactyl still gets to her and then that pterodactyl get chomped by the mosasaurus. The pterodactyl …the assistant just disappears (assumably was behind the winged creature and is swallowed whole) which was an anti-climax for her I thought after build up of her being thrown about. And what is the deal with all the advertisements through this film: Chris Pratt indulging on a glass bottle of Coca-Cola, Starbucks in the park and Samsung devices turning up everywhere; the logo on one of the buildings, the kids being reminded to phone their parents and the assistant constantly on her phone. Then Aunt Claire and Owen find the wrecked travel sphere thing and are devastated to find a smashed phone! The moral being Samsung phones are rubbish; Apple all the way!

While Disney are bringing us a new trilogy of Star Wars films, and the Avengers films are going swimmingly, they have also talked of remaking the Indiana Jones films and there are rumours of them looking at Chris Pratt to take on the role. Can he replace Harrison Ford’s Indy? He does have an Indiana-esque look in this film, but time will tell. Lets talk more about Universal Pictures for a while – I always seem to come back to Disney or Marvel in any of these reviews. Going with Disney’s epic Avengers franchise and Warner Bros’, eventual, Justice League franchise, Universal wants/needs to have something like this so are planning on creating independent films on their famous movie monsters (the Mummy, Wolfman, Dracula, Frankenstein Creature, etc) all leading up to a film where the monsters mash together. They have hired many writers to collaborate for this ‘Monster Men’ dubbed project including Noah Hawkley (Fargo, Bones), Aaron Guzikowski (Prisoners), Ed Solomon (Men in Black), Chris Morgan (Fast and Furious 6) and Alex Kurtzman (recent Star Trek films, Amazing Spiderman 2). It does sound exciting and word has it that the “first” monster movie is The Mummy set to release in 2017 (no confirmed date for the UK), but many people had assumed that Dracula Untold (which released October 3, 2014) was the first of these films. I didn’t think Dracula Untold looked particularly good, but I want to watch it because I think it will be part of this franchise; I don’t expect Universal to make another Dracula film so soon after this. Although, Marvel is rebooting Spiderman about two years after the Amazing Spiderman 2 (2014) and I’m not moaning about that. There I go again! Also I’m assuming the monsters will become heroes together like Avengers or anti-heroes like Suicide Squad – haven’t looked into if the monsters will be posed as good guys yet, but surely they can’t be ‘monsters’ because you would think they would just be defeated at the end of their own individual films like their predeceasing original films [spoiler alert]. It’s a wonder.

Well my parents were satisfied with the IMAX cinema and Jurassic World, and I thought it was great as well! Glad I decided to go and see it, but do I think it’s better than Jurassic Park? …I think it is ever so slightly underneath Jurassic Park (which I’d give 9/10), but it is definitely worth a watch! That’s me at finishing time now! Riddle me this: my next review will feature a film in miniscule proportions either physically or emotionally – which two films could I be talking about? Toodle pip!







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