…It’s Christmas. So I thought it would be a good opportunity to reflected on the videos of the uncommonly known, Life As We Know It a.k.a. LAWKI Productions. Or as it was originally called by us: Specs & Suits or Ant & And! As film addicts my friend, Anthony Chalmers and I wanted to start writing and filming our own comedy sketches/videos, so created this youtube channel in the hope we’d get round to actually writing and filming some comedy sketches/videos. We have a very limited quantity since we started by here’s our first original video sketch: “The Olympic Torch”!



I know this isn’t a Christmas video, but it links with future Christmas films we did; this was actually written and filmed in time for the Olympic Torch Relay arriving in Scotland back in 2012. Our idea was about how people came up with the design of the 2012 Olympic Torch. We had help from friends at the Gate (Fullarton’s Youth Cafe in Irvine): Josh Taylor, Fraser Millan, Kevin McColm, Aleesha Murray and Emma Affleck. It may be dire filming and sound, but we worked with what we had and still love the ideas!

“BOOM! Fantastic!” – Kevin McColm


This is our own sketch idea but we’ve used it for a couple Christmas concerts at Fullarton Church; unfortunately when Anthony and I did the sketch for the first time (winter 2009), the video camera we had at the time was pretty rubbish. We both did the sketch for our individual schools with a different helper. At, Kilwinning Academy, Alan Kerr and myself performed the sketch for the Christmas Talent Show. Out of 40 points we got 38.5 from the 4 judges, and we were so sure that we would win, but then a guy did a Michael Buble tune and was really good so scored 39! 0.5 points more!!! Anyway we succeeded in getting laugh out louds and got 2nd place! Here’s the video, but unfortunately the start wasn’t put into this video by the school for some reason, so sorry about that!

If I had seen beforehand what you would do with MY french dictionaries, I would have said no! – Mr Jadget



Only about half a year after our Olympic Torch video, we decided to organise and host a Christmas Show instead of the usual Christmas Dinner! So decided with the variety of acts, we’d create an intro video to start off the night. Basically our idea was that we were still trying to think of an act for the Christmas Dinner only moments before the Show begins. It’s not as original at the Olympic Torch (we used a lot of jokes from Black Books), but it was still a successful intro which got laughs. The only thing is the amount of times we forgot to move the lights out of the shots. Our friend Fraser Millan (who was in Olympic Torch) helped us out this time to mind the camera and shoot the shots.

“Right, so we’re supposed to have to have a variety of superb and spectacular performances prepared and perfected for a show that commences in about 3 minutes! – Anthony Chalmers

“It’s Christmas.” – Andrew Hankinson


This was the follow up Christmas show that we were organising and we decided because we had so much fun filming the first intro video, that we’d do another one for a quiz night. The idea behind this was similar to having last minute ideas, but was linked with guessing movies as we tried to think of what was the best film/tv intro. It concludes with the Star Wars intro and so we named this show “Episode II: Attack of the Quiz”. We’re lucky that we haven’t been done for copyright, but thought it was a funny and that we managed to create an authentic Star Wars intro personalised for the show. Enjoy!

Stop! Stop! Not gonna work! – Anthony Chalmers


Well hope you enjoyed our videos and that they’ve gave you a laugh even if it’s at how bad they are! Let us know what you think below, but be kind! We’ve got notebooks full of ideas and plans, but it’s just getting time now to do them with work and University on the go. Hope we can get something relatively soon! Also below are the outtakes to the Olympic Torch video and the 2 Christmas Show intros or as we call them: “The Planning Trilogy”. We think they’re hilarious and you might too! LOL