The 12 Days of Christmas performed by Andrew Hankinson to raise money for West FM Cash For Kids #MissionChristmas ! A funny take on the classic 12 Days of Christmas tune where each verse is sung by various iconic characters! The impersonations include Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Gandalf, Lumiere, Bugs Bunny, Smeagol, Mr Aleksandr, Sergei, The Grinch, Olaf, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Stewie, Yoda, Statler and Waldorf! A big shout out to Anthony Chalmers for filming and Christopher Belsey for arranging the music for this video.

Watch the Bloopers for this via this link:

If you enjoyed the video (or even if you didn’t) please donate to Cash for Kids! Anything you can give will make a big impact for kids this Christmas, whether it’s £5 or £500. You can donate 3 simple ways.
1) Follow the link underneath to donate via this video fundraising page on Facebook. This would give us a better idea of how much this video managed to raise, but any form of donation to Cash for Kids would help.
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