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Pocket Watch

Camera used: Fujifilm Finepix HS10 Bridge Camera

This is an oldie! Just a wee throwback to my school days when I decided to base my graded project for Higher Photography on Time (you can see the full project by clicking here). My main brief was to experiment with visual elements and I thought that looking into the different depictions and appearances of time would be a good subject to base my work on. I wanted to work with multiple forms of photography for this project like manipulation, landscape, colour/black&white, and a lot of the time, close up photography especially with pocket watches.

This particular photo is of my granddad’s old pocket watch; it had stopped working then but was beautiful to look at, so for this particular photograph I wanted to look at the detail in the winder and the shapes/textures of the metal surrounding it rather than focus on the face of the watch. I think this photo works especially well with the warm, almost sepia like, lighting and the blurred shadows; makes you feel quite reminiscent. You can see the photo below; click on it to see it bigger.