There are many worlds, but they share one sky. One sky, one destiny.” Or in this case one monopoly board, one destiny.

This variation concept of the classic Monopoly has players visiting the worlds featured throughout the Kingdom Hearts series and is filled to the brim with nostalgia and fun. It has many exclusive gameplay mechanics and pieces such as:

  • Properties turned into worlds from Disney and Kingdom Hearts including the Caribbean, Halloween Town, Agrabah, Arendelle, Wonderland and Twilight Town.
  • Gummi Ship and Towers replacing Houses and Hotels,
  • 8 Kingdom Hearts 3 Chess Pieces to choose from as tokens,
  • the Wayfinder protecting players from rent and the Darkness,
  • Mini Game challenges added within the Chance and Community Chest equivilants (Sea Salt Ice Cream and Paopu Fruit cards)
  • You can win munny by landing on the Free Parking space (now occupied by the 100 Acre Wood)