A few weeks ago my friend went to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff and told me of these limited edition posters he purchased. They were a collection of twelve posters created by Stuart Manning for each episode of Doctor Who Series 8, with a different retro style for each episode. He was commissioned by RadioTimes.com to create them in celebration of Peter Capaldi’s first appearance as the Doctor and have been turned into a series of high-quality prints which are available to buy via www.bigchiefstudios.co.uk and they look amazing!

He drew inspiration from retro sources ranging from film noir to the cover art of classic Doctor Who novels, with each poster having it’s own distinctive design. Mark Andrews, director of BIG Chief Studios said: “Stuart has created striking visual themes for each episode’s poster, blending vintage styling and typography to recreate an authentic vintage feel for the digital age.”

Ironically my favourite posters out of the twelve are “Deep Breath” and “Death in Heaven” posters which are probably two of my favourite episodes in the series. Both have great use of positive and negative space which brings out mystery in the posters with the silhouettes of the characters. Even although it’s always been a mystery who the Doctor is, in “Deep Breath” we as viewers are only just starting to get used to personality again after he’s regenerated, which is why the mystery in this poster is spot on! It’s the same with Missy in the “Death in Heaven” poster; even although it is revealed in the last episode what her true name is (not saying incase it spoils it for any of you), we only start to realise her personality and the limits of what she will do in this episode! I love all the posters but these two are brilliant! Below is a list of the episodes in series 8 and below that are the posters themselves! If you want to read my review as well on Deep Breath (Episode 1 of Series 8) at the Glasgow Film Theatre then click here.




  • Time Heist
  • The Caretaker
  • Kill the Moon
  • Mummy on the Orient Express



  • Flatline
  • In the Forest of the Night
  • Dark Water
  • Death in Heaven




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