A few months ago I have started featuring creative individuals/companies which I find inspiring and talk about who they are, show their work and what impact they have in the world. So far I have featured the brilliant stop-motion animator Vera van Wolferen, and the Video & Motion design company, United Visual Artists. And today I’m going to talk about Saar Oz/Creavite, especially about his video, “Nobody Tells This To Beginners”.


Nobody Tells This To Beginners

Saar Oz (or his YouTuber name, Creavite) is a young and extremely talented motion graphics designer who does a few of his own videos and creates motion graphics for DBD International! At the beginning of 2015 he created and posted this video to help inspire designers/artists who are still trying to find themselves based on a quotation from Ira Glass. The quotation comes from Ira Glass’ talk in “This American Life” from Public Radio International about the creativity in people.

Ira Glass describes how creative individuals’ taste is brilliant, and highlights the fact many feel their work isn’t good enough and they can’t improve on it to their ambitions. This is not the case! This can be relative in any creative context for beginners, but it assures people that this is a normal phase when your ambitions are high for your work. And his biggest piece of advice is that people should keep doing lots of work to improve, learn and ultimately find out what has been missing from their work.

Coming back Saar Oz, has done a magnificent job utilising Ira Glass’ message and influence to people within this under 2 minute video. He has probably formed it around his own inspiration from Ira Glass and made the video more in the line of Graphic/Motion Design. Saar Oz uses ideas like manipulating images in real-time events (designing, changing, correcting), typography aligning and transitioning to fit with images and meaning of quotation and using well-known design tools (text boxes, arrow pointers, sizing boxes) to emphasise designers’ ideas and how they change and evolve.

Below are three more videos he’s done himself or in collaboration with DBD International, which I think are brilliant and a good boost if you’re ever feeling a bit down about your work! You can see more of his work on his YouTube channel, Creavite or visit his Facebook and Twitter pages!


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