Here is an extremely cool art installation named “Time Lapses” by the artist Holton Rower which involves lots of people pouring different colours of paint on top of each other on top of a wooden block. The layers of paint stack on top of each other, pour over the edges and the colours expand to give a psychedelic art piece that looks like it’s melting. The video below is slowed down to show the full creation of this piece.

This was one of the main sources of inspiration which helped with the collaborative ‘GDFS Letters‘ project I worked on back in October 2014 with Corrie HyslopEmma Bartle & Victoria Donnelly at the Graphic Design Festival Scotland. We were allocated two letters from ‘GDFS’ and were tasked to use different forms of motion graphics/animation to transition from one letter to the next within 5-15 seconds. You can view the project by clicking the image below: