Hello again. Wish I had an excuse for being late, but I don’t. I haven’t seen any other films recently, so I thought I’d better do this before I’m TOO late! “Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome” back to my Movie Review blog! As per usual if you haven’t seen the film, best not read this as it has spoilers. Quite a big spoiler in particular in this review!!

Amazing Spiderman 2

My spidey-senses detect THE (not so) AMAZING SPIDER MAN 2!! As always with Spider man, he has to juggle between his personal life; Aunt May/laundry, working at the Daily Bugle and endangering, sorry, spending time with Gwen. And his responsibility as Spider man keeping New York City safe from dangers that no other force can stop…Avengers couldn’t help? No? Oh well. Spider man faces his greatest battle yet against Electro (the nemesis with more power than Spider man himself), the Green Goblin (the old friend who seeks revenge), and Rhino (the idiot). By the end we learn the important lesson we really should have learnt in the first film: “Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Mr Parker!!!”

I went to Kilmarnock Odeon again for convenience sake with my mum, dad and brother. Really need to go to a different cinema and rate them, just as long as it isn’t Kilmarnock! Again you know my opinion of the Odeon seats; they’re rubbish, but this time I was on a seat next to the stairs so could put my legs out there a bit. During the adverts we got a 5 minute preview of “How to train your dragon 2”; as much as I like the first film (one of the few DreamWorks animated films I do like), I came here to the cinema to see Spider man 2. There was a guy sitting behind informing his mother of the film details and the future of Spider man films. I found it quite interesting, took a few notes; will go into that later. But then he kept commentating during the whole film; pointing out characters, exclaiming swears whenever anything thrilling happened, explaining the plot again to his mother. Got really frustrating; might start a new feature where I reveal these main interrupters of films in the cinemas and call it, “PICS PRICKS!”

The Thor and Captain America sequels had the new 3D Marvel logo that was brilliant, modern and spine tingling. But Spider man 2 didn’t. I don’t know if it’s the same with X-Men, but why does Sony have to be that nit-picky in order to be completely different from Avengers. Will say this about Spider man, if you can’t get the best Marvel heroes, you get the best Marvel villains. As I said in my previous review, in the Avengers films the best villains are Loki and Bucky (The Winter Soldier), so not that many but with Spider man, as well as being a great hero he’s got the best villains in the Marvel universe. Electro: was brilliant, his powers were electrifying (almost identical to the infamous, Cole MacGrath), and the visual effects were brilliant. Green Goblin: thought the transformation was brilliantly done and his fight with Spider man at the end was great. And Rhino: …nop, nothing good!

The best scene has to be at clock tower where Green Goblin and Spider man fight. Shivers went down my spine when the clock started fast-forwarding and the clockwork inside was falling apart. Aw, the symbolism! I heard the rumours of this part, but I still had hope; like Sony were going to surprise us, but unfortunately they didn’t. Gwen Stacey died. Sony has guts killing a main character like that, but maybe it was time for Gwen to be killed off. She was planning to go to England to apparently go to University, but we all know the real reason! She realised that the Avengers are so much cooler than Spider man and she was going to join them in time for their arrival in 2015! If Sony can’t have her, no one can! Unfortunately, for the film overall, I don’t think it was as ‘amazing’ as the first film. The trailer gave everything away! I was hoping for a lot of surprises, but there weren’t any surprises. No buzz afterwards like Captain America 2. Nothing. I also think there were too many villains; they should have had Electro as the main villain and Harry Osborn as just a side character; that’s it! Didn’t need anymore than that! Although, I am looking forward to seeing Doctor Octopus, and I would love to see Venom even though he’s not part of the Sinister Six (he’s my favourite Spider man villain).

As I’ve said, these films have been leading up to the Sinister Six, but I really think 6 villains are too many for one film; I think if there are 6 in one film, the majority of the villains will be made minor, i.e. Spider man will be able to defeat them instantly like Rhino. It should be a challenge for Spider man, but I still don’t want it to be too much either, so I don’t know how Sony will cope in the next film. At the end there turned out to be a post-credit scene like they have with all the Avenger films. It was a clip of “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and people (including myself) believed this to be a hint of a crossover between the 2 franchises. It was the wow factor I was waiting for…but apparently Marc Webb still had a contract with Fox to do 2 films; he did “(500) Days of Summer” and they agreed he would be allowed out of his contract if he promoted the X-Men film. …Oh well; we live in hope. The 3rd “amazing” Spider man is due for 2016, but still think the first film was the best, which isn’t good when having pre-planned sequels. That being said Iron Man 2 wasn’t the best but at least it redeemed itself after it’s third instalment; maybe Spider man will do the same.

Right to finish off. The cinema was ok, apart from the “Pics Prick” behind me. The film was ok but wasn’t as impressed as I was with the first film. The film was visually stunning, sound was great, Andrew Garfield did a great job again (anybody would be better than Tobey Maguire), but the Hans Zimmer soundtrack didn’t impress me as much, which is unusual. The music in the first film by James Horner I felt was better, more emotional and did have the wow factor. That’s me for now. Tune in next time and remember, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Or in this remake means, “With great promises comes great PROMISES!!!”







Captain America 2