Well after another year at Glasgow Clyde College Cardonald (4 years now!), I’ve achieved my BA Graphic Design Degree!! For the six modules through the year I got A, A, B, B, B and B passes which concluded with an overall pass! Woo! Got a nice but strange card from the family which can be seen below; it’s not as strange as a card I got last year. Below that are links to the work I’ve done in BA Graphic Design; feel free to have a look if you haven’t already.

Congratulations card


Typographic Universe

featured image typographic universe

BBC Ten Pieces (Typographic Design: Grade B1)

ten pieces feature image

Helvetica & Comic Sans Report (Research Project: Grade B1)

featured image helvetica

Swatch Booklet (Editorial Design: Grade B2)

featured image SWATCH



GDFS Motion Design


What are Video Games? (Information Design: Grade A3)

video games feature image

My Website (Personal Effectiveness: Grade A3)

featured image website

Silver Lining Restaurant & Cafe (Design Project: Grade B2)

featured image silver lining