I’ve got my BA Graphic Design DEGREE!!

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I’ve got my BA Graphic Design DEGREE!!

Well after another year at Glasgow Clyde College Cardonald (4 years now!), I’ve achieved my BA Graphic Design Degree!! For the six modules through the year I got A, A, B, B, B and B passes which concluded with an overall pass! Woo! Got a nice but strange card from the family which can be seen below; it’s not as strange as a card I got last year. Below that are links to the work I’ve done in BA Graphic Design; feel free to have a look if you haven’t already.

Congratulations card

Typographic Universe

featured image typographic universe

BBC Ten Pieces (Typographic Design: Grade B1)

ten pieces feature image

Helvetica & Comic Sans Report (Research Project: Grade B1)

featured image helvetica

Swatch Booklet (Editorial Design: Grade B2)

featured image SWATCH

GDFS Motion Design


What are Video Games? (Information Design: Grade A3)

video games feature image

My Website (Personal Effectiveness: Grade A3)

featured image website

Silver Lining Restaurant & Cafe (Design Project: Grade B2)

featured image silver lining